New Age, New Threat … Teenagers Parents, Wake up, This is for You.



As all alarm clocks, it’s hard to hear, but it’s time … time to act. Tick Tock Tick Tock … Your children are in danger, there are virtual bombs hidden in our New Era, in our dreams, somewhere in between your best children social friends. What will be will be … or Not. It’s our choice. Together. It’s our parent’s responsibility also.

Your children, your children’s friends, friends of their friends, are recruited on Facebook in a large-scale brainwashing and sectarian recruitment. They do not know it, You do not know it, Media do not talk about it and nobody else than the target cannot do something.
You can join this collective action. It is a mission for us all together as a team. Nevertheless, the action will be more effective if it is a girl who is at the forefront. This is not a sexist a priori, but new spiritual internet and marketing gurus especially target young girls or young women, the one who dream being a nurse to heal the wounds of the world, as boys dream to be Spiderman or Firefighter.
Algorithms or more empirical observation systems locate keywords written by girls in distress, problems at school, family loss, feelings of rejection, complex … The most frequent keywords are ” desperate “, ” loneliness “, ” tormented soul “,” SOS “and all words which compose usually a cry for help. Soon, they are surrounded and warmly comforted by strangers wishing them all the Best, just as perverse do after school by attracting children with candy.
Sweet, Simple, words of Love and welcoming . Then begins an insidious brainwashing operation : some words of eastern wisdom in between two Namaste, some quotes from revolutionary leaders or famous war chief, alone against all, about courage and strength.
Nothing that neither you nor I nor your children would acclaim with both hands.
It’s nice to experience the best of all worlds, except when it’s Orwell’s one.

“We are nothing on this Earth “, “All Is Vanity “, “Detach yourself from all the negative influences around you”, ” Free yourself from evil” to conclude with “Your family is us … All your brothers and sisters who are suffering, oppressed by iniquity. Let us fight together. ” This is, of course, only a summary. True exchanges, those on social networks, take place over several days and are interspersed with series of messages of peace and love. The discussions and comments yet invariably bring everyone to think the same thing. Thinking that this journey is personal: A compelling higher call, the one no one around them can hear or understand. Anyway nobody understands teenagers, everybody knows that, but their Guru does and his Tribe also. Alleluia, Hallelujah, what ever the spelling or the meaning , your children has been chosen and elected on the net. She / He becomes part of a greater intention. He does not anymore have the choice. She / He is trapped in the spider net. But who is the real Spiderman, the one in flesh and bones? He can wear so many masks.

Once adopted by his new family, your child will raise insurance. He will receive texts to relay on his wall and the walls of his friends. The best will win even earn money, every click and every new recruit is paid. An economical pyramidal model as simple as Tupperware. He/She is an adult and does not need you, or anyone, some decide to continue a little further from home, and exchange their virtual bombs for real one.  In France, we are facing the issue of connections with net gurus which are feeding with new blood jihadists forces without apparent family reasons or social and religious background, … They are nowadays as many girls than boys leaving France everyday for joining the « holy war ». The link may seem far-fetched and is not systematic, but nevertheless it seems that messages about the role of women in society often make the Islamic junction. When the message revolves around the “true womanhood “, ” arrogance of the modern woman” and “submission to the eternal order of things”, the signal must be taken very seriously.
But as God has very little to do with this well-organized brainwash, this recruitment methods can lead to a very large scale of sects and extremisms. All depends were the Guru intends to guide your Children.

This defusing operation will not be achieved in a day, nor in one click, but it can be an opportunity to open rich dialogues between you and your children, or simply to facilitate focus groups and actions among youth. Be careful, it’s not a game, however writings, investigations methods, words decoding, new knowledge discoveries might be very exciting.

Step 1 : Type

Designate who will be the Trojan horse in your family or friends group, and together, as would Cyrano in French, write and publish your distress messages as often as necessary. Romance, humor, theater, poetry, philosophical essay, all styles are allowed. It’s the purpose that counts.


Step 2: Click

The « helpful unknown » should not be long to appear especially if you have many friends on FB and even more friends of friends. It’s now or never to accept friendship request from unknown. But nevertheless ensure they do not contaminate all your true friends.

You can also go more directly to the source by identifying within your friends, a change in tone. Go mingle with comments or emit in return « friendship » requests on suspicious remarks.

Click from link to link to locate the “guru”. Be curious. What your new “friends” like or not, what they read, what they respond to others … In short, surf in free style. Have no qualms. They did the same to locate you and put you in the crosshairs.


Step 3: Post 

Save on your computer all exchanges collected during the experiment and all emails that come forward. The goal is not to disclose and not to over-react even to the worst horrors you will read until you reach step proposals for membership … or financial proposals, if you feel experienced enough. No further. It would be stupid to fall in the spider net you were observing!
Of course, meanwhile you’re playing to be the prisoner; other members of your group could also enter in the commentaries as good cop or bad cop. This strategy usually speeds up the process of revelation of true identity or sudden disappearing of proofs and links on the suspected wall.

Post it then to the concerned authority in your country
– For France: Cross Ministerial Mission of Vigilance and Fight against sectarianism

– Search for the right legal authority in your country (Pick it right and don’t fall in this last trap 🙂 )

Be careful, ultimately only experts of these difficult issues can be effective. Any settlement of personal revenge or collective lynching should be avoided.
In addition, keep in mind that you will often come across authentic desperate (in between some desperados) who are themselves victims.

Was this wake up call clear enough for you ?
With Love,




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