The perfect equilibrium : « My wife is completely crazy …Champagne ! »

At a party, one of my very dear friend started an incredible « numéro de claquettes » (literally tap dance) , as we say in French for an improvised, risky exercise. She started dancing alone in the middle of the living room as few people ever dare to dance, even hidden on a crowded dance-floor or alone at home on the tempo of the vacuum cleaner…

Her husband turns to me with a huge smile and says :
– « My wife is completely crazy. I love it. »
– «Yes.  She is always amazing ».
He became instantly very serious and confided :
– « But you know, she was not always like this »
– « Well, as you married with her for nearly 30 years, I obviously don’t know her as well as you, but I hardly believe she ever was boring »…
– « Of course not ! …But you know …life…. She really started to become completely herself at 40, that is to say completely crazy when she feels like being it.  Before she was just overbooked by being perfect with me, with the kids, in the house, in her job. it would have been impossible to dream for one more dimension… I’m so proud of her and every day more and more ».
And he added, very soberly … « and I must say, I’m very proud of me too. It took us both a lot of personal efforts, of work , of attentions,  of flexibility, of change in our life, to arrive at this point of perfect equilibrium . We finally arrived to that amazing result « She’s completely crazy and I love it ».

A glass in the hand, watching his incredibly sparkling wife, I could just add « Champagne, for the duo, then! … Very sweet « numéro de claquettes ». …What else …

(And YESSS! From then on, I started having a slightly different perspective on the husbands of my crazy friends … a grateful one…)


Rainbow at hand

(And NOOOO !  I was not at the party « in the company » (as we say in French for « along with) of George Clooney, for those who would wonder ! )

Click here for short cuts to other small stories in english … En bref, as we say in french, to sum up a long story … 

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  • Every de tout, A more included, & 2 Viel en +

    Eve ry de tout, .au propre et au figurez-vous, c'est déjà tout un lot ... de 12 bonnes raisons de tout mélanger en une suite logique ...
    1) Elle n'est pas la dernière en matière de fautes, quand les mots sont croisés ...

    2) I'm pro, c'est son métier

    3) Dans le melting pot, elle ne crache pas dans la soupe...

    4) Elle est parisienne comme tête de veau, et ne rechigne pas devant les froggies servis par des non-domestiques

    5) Elle retourne 7 fois, comme pas une autre, les langues pour celle qu'elle n'a pas encore dans la poche parle comme pied dans la tongue de sa mère.

    6) Foncé, en stock dans son magasin, c'est en option ... comme clair, c'est le temps qui lui manque.

    X2) Quand ça compte, elle voit double...
    N'en jetez plus, la coupe est pleine ...Cheers

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    Valéry Schneider

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